BROKEN, an international photo exhibition

14 November 2010 - The NGO Shipbreaking Platform has launched BROKEN, an international travelling photo exhibition raising awareness on the dramatic pollution and working conditions on the shipbreaking yards of South Asia. The exhibition features photographs by Saiful Huq Omi, an acclaimed Bangladeshi activist photographer.

BROKEN is a reflection of the devastating environmental and working conditions on the beaches of Bangladesh caused by shipbreaking. It is a mirror held to a place where one world’s toxic trash has the last of its riches reclaimed by the sweat and blood of another’s most desperate and dispossessed. It depicts an inversion of the right to life and a perversion of the right to work.

The exhibition is currently exposed at The Centre, in Brussels and its next stop will be in Dubai, at the Tradewinds’ Ship Recycling Forum. The exhibition was previously hosted by the Halles Saint Géry in Brussels.

Organised by the NGO Shipbreaking Platform

We kindly acknowledge the financial support of the European Commission and the Jacqueline Bervelt Foundation.

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