During their visit of the shipbreaking yards of Chittagong, Bangladesh, in September 2010, the NGO Shipbreaking Platform staff met with the people working in one of the most dangerous industries in the world. This is their story.

Nepal - copyright maro kouri

Nepal, 30 years old, fisherman

“As a fisherman living and working along the Chittagong coast, I suffer greatly from the effects of the shipbreaking industry. Our fishermen nets are constantly broken because there is no prior warning of incoming end-of-life vessels. This is because they are usually brought… More

Md Tipu Molla

Muhammed Tipu Mulla, 28 years old

“I came to Chittagong with one of my uncles because my family did not have enough money to pay for my studies.I joined the shipbreaking yard in 1994 as a fitter, which consists in taking parts and scrap items from the ships and… More

Md Babul

Muhammed Babul, 40 years old

“I started working on the shipbreaking yards after a storm in 1988 took away my family’s home and everything else we owned. We had nothing left to survive. I had no idea of what to expect at the yards but I desperately wanted… More


Aisidul, 16 and father Mahabu, 37

“Aisidul, my son, has been working at the yard for the last two years and I have been working at the shipbreaking yard for the past 10 years. We have asked Aisidul to work because the family desperately needs the money. We are… More

Md Helal

Muhammed Helal, 24 years old

“I lost my father at a very early age and came here with one of my uncles who worked in Chittagong. I started working at the yards in 1999 when I was just 12 years old. At the beginning, I was very scared… More

Mozamel and Shainidul

Mozamel, 63 and Shainidul, 61

“We have been working here for two years now. We both have sons but we do not live with them. They can barely support their families so we have decided to come work on the shipbreaking yards to make some money to be… More

Majedul Islam

Muhammed Majedul Islam, 26 years old

“Back home in Naogan, the river erosion had taken away my family’s land twice as well as several crops. I went to the shipbreaking yards with one of my uncles who was already working on one of the yards.I was the eldest in… More

Muhammed Jahangir

Muhammed Jahangir, 35 years old

“I have been working on the yards for the past 10 years and I am one of the leaders of the group. I would have like to stay at home (in the North of Bangladesh) and continue to cultivate my crops but the… More