T&E – Transport is now Europe’s biggest climate problem

Brussels, April 19, 2016 – In 2016, for the first time, it was confirmed that transport is the biggest source of greenhouse gas emissions in Europe. Transport & Environment’s 2016 annual report, just published, reveals how the organization has been informing, exposing and… More

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BAN – Secret Tracking Project Finds that Your Old Electronic Waste Gets Exported to Developing Countries

(Written by Jim Puckett) Access the original article September 15, 2016. Seattle, WA. – Utilizing high-tech methods to track high-tech wastes, the environmental watchdog, Basel Action Network (BAN) as part of their e-Trash Transparency Project, funded by the Body Shop Foundation, planted GPS… More


10 Years of ECCJ – Forum & Anniversary Celebration

Access ECCJ website ECCJ is delighted to invite you to its 10 Year Anniversary! ECCJ Members from across Europe, friends, partners & allies are coming to Brussels to celebrate a decade together! When? 24 May 2016: – 14h00 (Forum) – 18h00 (Celebration) Where?… More


2016 International Maritime Human Rights Conference

Access IMHR 2016 website International Maritime Human Rights Conference & Dinner – “Respect, Responsibility and Remedy in the Maritime Environment” Royal College of Surgeons, London – 14 September 2016 This first International Maritime Human Rights Conference will focus on explicitly addressing the issue… More

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BAN – Exporting Deception: The Disturbing Trend of Waste Trade Denial

(Written by Jim Puckett) Access the original article 27 August 2015 – The fate of the world does not likely hinge on whether or not the dumping of electronic waste, depicted over the years by the Basel Action Network (BAN) and the many… More

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Norwegian Shipowners to stop beaching

Read the post on Bellona’s website 17 August 2015 – The turnaround by the Norwegian Shipowners shows us that they now agree with the principle advocated by NGOs for years. Hazardous “beaching” should not take place in 2015. It is a dinosaur way… More

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- Fredriksen må rydde opp!

(Written by Ingrid Kristensen) Access the online article Bellona har i årevis arbeidet for at redere skal slutte med såkalt «Beaching», hvor de sender skip til uforsvarlig opphugging på strender i Bangladesh, Pakistan og India. – Vi tror at Frederiksen vil rydde opp…. More

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Færre skip på Asias strender

(Written by Ellen Viseth) Access the online article Det er stor bedring i 2014, men fortsatt velger fem norske redere å sende skip til opphugging på strender i India. Bellona har i årevis arbeidet for at norske redere skal slutte med såkalt «beaching»,… More

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Twenty-one ships with ties to Norway dumped on beaches in 2013

6 February 2014 – A total of 40 ships previously owned or controlled by Norwegian interests[1] were recycled in 2013, of which 21 were beached in Pakistan, India or Bangladesh, areas that are characterized by extremely dangerous working conditions and significant environmental exposure… More

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In 2013 minder schepen naar sloopstranden in Azië

3 February 2014 – Het NGO Shipbreaking Platform, een internationale coalitie van mensenrechten- en milieuorganisaties, publiceerde vandaag haar jaarlijkse lijst met ‘foute’ rederijen. 238 schepen van Europese eigenaren belandden in 2013 op de sloopstranden van Azië. Dat is 25 % minder dan het… More