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Platform News – EU ship recyclers join voices to promote clean and safe practices

Brussels, 10 March 2017 – Five European ship recycling yards announced yesterday that they have joined forces to effectively raise awareness of existing best practice and the fact that there is capacity in Europe to properly recycle ships. The newly established European Ship… More

28 October 2016 | Platform News – Maersk incited business partner to opt for worst breaking practices for 14 ships

27 October 2016 | Platform News – Maersk involved in illegal toxic waste trafficking

21 October 2016 | Platform News – Maersk maintains beaching mantra and chooses to ignore facts revealed by Danwatch

20 October 2016 | Press Release – European industry, trade unions and NGOs jointly support the EESC’s call for a financial incentive to enhance sustainable ship recycling

13 October 2016 | Platform News – Investigative journalists catch Maersk red-handed in Alang

6 October 2016 | Platform News – The new lobbyist of beaching, Maersk, ignores concerns of environmental and human rights experts

5 October 2016 | Platform News – NGO Shipbreaking Platform demands European Ship Recycling Licence

3 October 2016 | Platform News – SAVE THE DATE: “The Circular Economy” on 13 October 2016 in Brussels

19 September 2016 | Platform News – Legambiente joins Platform’s campaign for sustainable ship recycling

10 August 2016 | Platform publishes South Asia Quarterly Update #10