Bangladesh, YPSA 2009

Photo Gallery – Shipbreaking yards of Chittagong, Bangladesh 2009

Here pictures of the shipbreaking yards of Chittagong, Bangladesh, taken in 2009 are available and can be used to illustrate articles and documents. The copyright to be mentioned as a reference is “YPSA 2009″.

Into the Graveyard

Video: MPTDGEU – Into the Graveyard (Part 1 & 2)

“Into the Graveyard” is a two-part video filmed in Alang, India by the Indian trade union MPTDGEU in 2010.

Shipwreck documentary 2010

Video: Shipwreck / Embarrancados (2010)

1 September 2010 – Shipwreck is the story of Johor and Salam, men that work at the ship yards breaking vessels in Chittagong, a coastal province of Bangladesh. Bengali men struggling to raise their families against a backdrop of labor uncertainty, health hazards… More

Ironeaters - the trailer

Video: Ironeaters – the trailer

Ironeaters: the trailer Director: Shaheen Dill-Riaz Release: 2007 Description: Chittagong in Southern Bangladesh is a graveyard for the West’s run-down or obsolete ships, massive vessels driven onto the beaches and left to be taken apart by hand using only the most basic tools…. More