Congratulations to member Rizwana Hasan for winning the Goldman Prize 2009

The NGO Platform on Shipbreaking is thrilled that one of its member organisations BELA and member of the Board, Rizwana Hasan, has received the Goldman award 2009 in recognition of the uphill battle in which we’re engaged, trying to protect workers and the environment in an industry that up until now has been exploitative and almost totally unregulated.

This award comes at a critical time, ahead of an IMO convention on ship recycling, which will be signed in Hong Kong in May and of which many observers including the NGO Platform and the European Parliament have criticised for representing too little, too late. Being awarded the Goldman prize, Rizwana Hasan’s achievements and call for urgent reforms not only in Bangladesh, but also upstream at the international and European level, receive a clear signal of support.

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