Environmental NGO calls on Norway to reform its shipbreaking aid package for Bangladesh

13 May 2011 - A six-million-dollar aid package from the Norwegian development agency NORAD was criticised by the NGO Shipbreaking Platform, a coalition of international expert organisations on environment, labor and development issues. The Platform met with NORAD on May 12 in Oslo and voiced concern that unless NORAD modifies its aid package from what is currently planned and instead undertakes activities to quickly phase out toxic ships from arriving in Bangladesh and broken down on tidal beaches, they will simply be greenwashing a human rights and environmental disaster.

“Norway must face its global responsibilities as a global leader in environment, human rights and shipping,” said Platform director Ingvild Jenssen. “Indeed all of these causes can be served, but that will not happen, if the Norwegian project is limited to training workers on safeguards rather than also establishing a model shipbreaking facility in Bangladesh.”

(This press release was sent by Platform member organisation Bellona to the Norwegian press)