European single hull oiltankers: no place to go – Greenpeace Report (2004)


“During the research to collect a list of single hull oil tankers, subject to phase out regulation through 2005, it became clear that the well known lack of transparency in the shipping industry is also a critical gap within the implementation and enforcement of the phase out regulation. How is it possible that the EU will attempt to carry out these regulatory function without one definitive and consolidated vessel list from an authoritative regulatory body? How is it possible that several studies available on this issue of single hull oil tankers subject to phase out regulations have considerable factual discrepancies? According to our estimates, more than one thousand (as many as 1,119) oil tankers, potentially including vessels that should have been removed from service already, will have to be scrapped in less than 13 months through the end of 2005. These tankers represent 54 million DWT of which 29% (334 vessels, representing 16 million DWT) have a European face (owned, flagged, or both via the EU). How can the EU carry out its regulatory function on this issue if no transparant regulatory body can precisely identify and monitor the tankers which meet the phase out regulatory criteria?”