Abestos: The human cost of corporate greed – GUE/NGL (2006)


“The conference on asbestos, held in the European Parliament on 22 and 23 September 2005, which this booklet reports on, is a new milestone on the road mapped out in Europe and throughout the world over the past decades by trade union organisations, associations and many individual men and women who, in one way or another, decided to commit themselves to making the truth known about the dangers of asbestos, helping the victims and obtaining the eradication of this devastating risk for human health. (…) Not only will the massive use of asbestos in the past continue to kill in years to come – the number of deaths due to asbestos is even rising in Europe and is likely to continue doing so for ten to fifteen years still! -, but the monitoring of the effective implementation of legislation, the protection of workers charged with asbestos removal, support for the countless recognised asbestos victims or those needing to be recognised as such, and the prevention of risks, in particular professional risks, constitute as many fields of action for the years to come. And this is not forgetting our responsibility as Europeans regarding the shameful practices of exporting the danger to other countries, particularly in the south of the planet.”
Francis Wurtz, president of the GUE/NGL group at the European Parliament