Platform Documents – Submissions to conferences and events

The NGO Shipbreaking Platform and its member organisations regularly submit position papers and briefings to relevant international and national bodies that regulate shipbreaking – whether it be through the implementation of environmental and labour laws or through the adoption and enforcement of international conventions.

May 2015 – Sustainable Shipping Briefing presented at European Maritime Days in Athens

March 2015 – Lettre adressée aux participants du séminaire de travail « Amiante à bord des navires » les 19&20 mars 2015

February 2014 – Clean Shipping Coaliation to MEPC 66-3-4 on Guidelines for the development of the Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM) threshold values

May 2013 – Delegate Briefing on shipbreaking sent to the State Parties to the Basel Convention prior to the 11th Conference of the Parties to the Basel Convention (COP11)

September 2012 – Delegate Update on ship dismantling sent to State Parties to the Basel Convention prior to the 8th Open-Ended Working Group (OEWG8)
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September 2011 – “Statement of Concern to the Parties of the Basel Convention on the Hong Kong Convention on Ship Recycling” - Platform submission sent prior to October 2011 Conference of the Parties to the Basel Convention (COP10)
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10 May 2011 – Platform Submission to Basel Secretariat prior to COP10 on the equivalent level of control between the Hong Kong and Basel Conventions

May 2009 – Briefing Paper “Legal Shipwreck: IMO Convention Legalizes Toxic Ship Dumping” distributed at the May 2009 IMO conference

27 April 2009 - Statement of Concern on the new IMO Convention on Shipbreaking, sent prior to May 2009 IMO conference

9 February 2009 – Greenpeace International & Friends of the Earth International submission to May 2009 IMO Diplomatic Conference

31 January 2009 – “Determining ‘Equivalent level of Control’ as Established under the Basel Convention: Elements for Consideration of the Draft IMO Convention on the Safe and Environmentally Sound Recycling of Ships” – Platform submission to Basel Convention Open-Ended Working Group (OEWG) 7

25 January 2008 – “RECYCLING OF SHIPS – Substitution, internalizing costs, third party auditing and rejection of non-Party trade needed to secure an effective Convention” – Platform submission (by Greenpeace International and Friends of the Earth International – FOEI) to IMO MEPC 57

September 2007 – Comments on the European Commission’s ‘Green Paper on Better Ship Dismantling’

7 June 2007 – Platform submission (sent by the International Federation of Human Rights – FIDH) to the Human Rights Council Fifth Session

13 October 2006 – Platform submission to IMO MEPC 55

27 June 2005 – “Environmentally sound management of ship dismantling” – Greenpeace and BAN submission to OEWG 4

25 January 2005 – Basel Convention Decision VII/26: Environmentally sound management of ship dismantling – p63 of Basel COP7 Report

March 2000 – “Shipbreaking: A Global Environmental, Health and Labour Challenge” – Greenpeace Report for IMO MEPC 44th Session