Muhammed Majedul Islam, 26 years old

“Back home in Naogan, the river erosion had taken away my family’s land twice as well as several crops. I went to the shipbreaking yards with one of my uncles who was already working on one of the yards.I was the eldest in my family and I was the only person who could work because my father was very old and sick. I started working here as a loader, carrying iron plates to the trucks for delivery at the age of 17.”

“The shipbreaking activity is one of the most dangerous in the country. I see people getting injured every day, no one cares for our safety. The owners are taking advantage of our poverty.”

“Once I hurt my head when I slipped from the ship but the owner of the yard refused to pay for my treatment. Luckily, I survived. I also witnessed a recent accident in the shipbreaking yard in which five workers died on the spot when a big iron plate fell on top of them. The list of tragic incidents here is endless.”