NGO Shipbreaking Platform – List of good shipowners


The following list comprises ship-owning companies which take responsibility for the clean and safe recycling of their end-of-life vessels. They have – either internally or publicly – embraced a ship recycling policy, and their recent ship recycling practices have proofed that they live up to their own standard, that is, the listed ship owners have sold end-of-life vessels exclusively to modern ship recycling facilities which operate off the beach. Most of the listed ship owners have taken further steps such as the promotion of clean ship design and building; cooperation with external experts on ship recycling who supervise, monitor and document the recycling activities; Inventories of Hazardous Material (IHM) provided before recycling; and partnerships with selected and trusted yards for several recycling projects to ensure the quality of the service delivered.

Although the level of commitment in terms of ship recycling policies and the steps taken vary, and the NGO Shipbreaking Platform is in continuous exchange with ship owners in order to address challenges and achieve further improvements, the listed companies are recognized for the efforts as responsible ship owners. The companies are listed in alphabetical order.

This list is constantly being extended and changed whenever the NGO Shipbreaking Platform learns about a responsible ship owner or about setbacks. If you would like to have your company mentioned, please contact us at to discuss the details of our requirements.