North American Ship Recycling Capacity – Basel Action Network Report (November 2012)


“While the [European] Commission assessed and reported capacity limitations in OECD countries in Europe and Turkey in their 2012 Impact Assessment, they failed to assess, report or even consider available capacity in North America. (…)

This report investigates current and foreseeable environmentally sound and safe ship recycling capacity in North America. (…)

This report concludes that the [European] Commission did not only mischaracterize the full potential of OECD ship recycling capacity that is legally accessible to EU-flagged ships, but it failed wholeheartedly to even consider North American capabilities.

The North American capacity described in this report is considered ‘green’ by the [European] Commission’s standards and resides in OECD Member States, thereby supporting EU implementation of the Basel Ban Amendment via the Waste Shipment Regulation. The North American market can and should be part of the solution to address the immediate concerns with EU-flagged end-of-life tonnage.”