Photo Gallery – Shipbreaking yards of Chittagong, Bangladesh – 2013

These photos were taken by Dutch blogger Bart Van Eijden in the shipbreaking yards of Chittagong, Bangladesh in March 2013. If you are interested in having these pictures in high resolution, please contact Bart Van Eijden directly and have a look at his website:


1. Young boys have gathered scrap metal from around the shipbreaking yards

2. The 270-meter long bulk carrier HUA FA (Panama, built in 1992, sold for scrap for $7.8 million) sits on the Sitakunda beach awaiting its destruction

3. Workers carry sheets of metal around a shipbreaking yard

4. Two workers hammer on what seems to be a large diesel engine

5. A ship is reaching the final stages of its destruction

6. Several workers with gas-powered blowtorches work their way through endless sheets of metal, finally reducing a ship to sheets of metal that can be hand carried away.

7. A large chunk of ship is slowly reduced to more manageable sheets of metal. Accidents with falling sheets of metal are not uncommon

8. A column of workers drag a winch cable through the thick mud towards a scrapped ship

9. A worker takes a break as he starts staring at the photographer

10. A worker takes a break as he starts staring at the photographer

11. Without shoes, four guys carry a heavy pulley across the beach

12. A huge propeller lies on the Sitakunda beach.

13. A worker with an improvised cushion on his head rests on top of a pile of heavy anchor chains

14. The 183-meter long Fu Xiang (Sierra Leone, built 1984) sits on its final destination