Platform News – Opening of art and photo exhibition “Chittagong Blues & The Shipbreakers” in Brussels

30 May 2013 - On Wednesday 29 May, the NGO Shipbreaking Platform held a reception at the offices of Edelman | The Centre in Brussels for the opening of the art and photo exhibition “Chittagong Blues & The Shipbreakers”, which features works of art by German sculptress Nele Ströbel and pictures by French photographer Pierre Torset. Nele Ströbel was present at the opening reception and shared her artistic impressions of the Chittagong yards, where the world’s second largest shipbreaking yard is located.

More than 70 people representing the European institutions, civil society organisations, trade unions, and the industry attended the event, which focused on the upcoming European ship recycling regulation and the shipping world’s corporate social responsibility to ensure clean and safe ship recycling worldwide.

“As long as we have no effective international regulation without major loopholes, the improvement of the situation will also depend on the shipowners’ will to demand clean and safe recycling”, said the Platform’s Executive Director, Patrizia Heidegger, in her welcoming speech. “We expect the shipowners’ associations, amongst them the European Community Shipowners’ Association based here in Brussels, to play a more active role and to demand real changes in the behavior of their their members. We expect individual shipowners to develop their CSR policy with regards to ship recycling and accept their share of responsibility.”

Click here to download Patrizia Heidegger’s speech.

Axel Singhofen, political advisor to the Greens/EFA at the European Parliament, updated the audience about the negotiations taking place beween the Parliament, the Commission and the Council about the upcoming European ship recycling regulation.

Tom Peter Blankestijn, Managing Director of Dutch ship recycling company Sea2Cradle, shared his 18 years of experience in the business, underlining that a lot remains to be done to change the shipowners’ mindset when it comes to making responsible decisions for the decommissioning of ships.

Finally, Gudrun Pamme-Vogelsang, an art gallery owner from Cologne, introduced German sculptress Nele Ströbel’s artwork.

(From top to bottom: Patrizia Heidegger, delivering a speech on corporate social responsibility; pictures by Pierre Torset; artwork by Nele Ströbel; group picture with Francesca Carlsson, Intern at the NGO Shipbreaking Platform, Patrizia Heidegger, Executive Director, Nele Ströbel, Artist and Gudrun Pamme-Vogelsang, Art gallery owner)