Probo Koala

Probo Koala

Other names: Probo Baoning (1986-1999), Gulf Jash (2006-2011), Hua Feng (2011-2011), Hua Wen (2011-2013)

IMO: 8309816
Flag: Panama
Last position: China
Built: 1986
Broken: 2013

The Probo Koala was at the centre of a waste scandal in 2006. That year, the ship was used by the company Trafigura to perform dangerous handling of highly hazzardous substances onboard. The waste was later disposed of in Abidjan, capital of the Ivory Coast, causing the death of at least 16 people according to Ivorian authorities. Thanks to successful campaigning by Platform member organisations BELA and LIFE in 2011, the ship was prevented from entering Bangladeshi and Indian waters. It was purchased in May 2012 by a Chinese company, Five Ocean Maritime Services Company Limited. It was eventually sold to a Chinese yard for demolition in 2012.

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The history of the Probo Koala

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