Ships for Scrap I: Steel and Toxic Wastes For Asia – Greenpeace Report (March 1999)


“Since 1 January 1998, Greenpeace and the environmental movement at large have a further cause for calling attention to the illegality of this process: Through the transposition of the 1989 “Basel Convention on the Control of Transboundary Movements of Hazardous Wastes and Their Disposal” into European Union – and German – waste legislation, all of the contaminants examined in the present report have become subject to a ban on exports to non-OECD countries. In the expectation the new legal situation would give renewed initiatives to improve the situation a higher chance of success than before, Greenpeace International decided to tackle the issue once again. In a first step, a mixed team from India and Germany, in cooperation with the international Basel Action Network, undertook a fact-finding mission to two shipbreaking yards in India: the Mumbai (Bombay) Scrapping Area and the Alang Ship Breaking Yard in Gujarat state, about 180 miles to the north-west of Bombay.”