T&E – Transport is now Europe’s biggest climate problem

Brussels, April 19, 2016 – In 2016, for the first time, it was confirmed that transport is the biggest source of greenhouse gas emissions in Europe. Transport & Environment’s 2016 annual report, just published, reveals how the organization has been informing, exposing and campaigning to clean up the sector’s impact on our climate, environment and health.

The 2016 annual report reveals how:

• T&E showed that the gap between cars’ official and on-road fuel consumption figures had reached an all-time high of 42%;
• T&E exposed the tragedy of EU biofuels policy: Cars and trucks are the top consumers of palm oil in Europe because of biodiesel;
• At our urging, the IMO delivered one of the biggest global environmental measures ever by capping marine fuel’s sulphur content;
• T&E sounded the alarm on a string of EU trade deals that would be bad for people and the planet: CETA, TTIP, Japan and Mexico;
• T&E shouted all the way from the ICAO assembly that the UN’s much vaunted ‘global market-based measure’ for CO2 from planes would require airlines to offset but not reduce emissions;
• T&E demonstrated Dieselgate wasn’t just Volkswagen cheating but an industry-wide fraud;
• T&E helped convince the European Commission to promise the first-ever CO2 targets for European trucks.

Access here the report.