Childbreaking Yards – FIDH Report (2008)


“Urgent measures need to be taken to render shipbreaking activities in Bangladesh compatible with international labour, health and environmental standards.”

“It is only through a concerted effort of the government of Bangladesh, shipbreakers, the shipping industry, relevant UN agencies and the international community that working conditions in Bangladeshi yards can be improved. It also is the only way to put children working in the yards back to school, or in other jobs that are not hazardous for their life and health.”

“FIDH began investigating the general working condition at shipbreaking yards in Bangladesh and India in 2002. In 2005, YPSA, Greenpeace and FIDH published a joint report focusing on dead and injured workers. With Childbreaking Yards (2008), FIDH and YPSA portray child labour at Chittagong’s shipbreaking yards.”