The News – Death of three labourers at Gadani shipyard condemned

Saturday 20 October 2012 – The National Trade Union Federation (NTUF) has strongly condemned the accidental deaths of three workers at a Gadani ship-breaking yard. The labourers lost their lives when a tank fell over them at plot number 91 on Friday morning.

NTUF Deputy General Secretary Nasir Mansoor in a statement said that three workers namely Kalimullah, Ghulam Nazir and Abdul Rahman died due to the absence of security measures at the yard.

He said around 15,000 workers of the ship-breaking yard were deprived of basic necessities and working in extremely inhumane conditions.

He said the owners were earning billions of rupees, whereas the labourers had no access to potable water, school, dispensary, hospital or canteen.

Mansoor said no safety guards were deputed at the yards which was the main reason behind so many accidental deaths and loss of limbs.

The general secretary of NTUF said the government functionaries had turned a blind eye towards this issue as the owners of the yards treated their workers, hired on a contractual basis, as salves.

Moreover, he demanded that safety equipments should be provided to the workers on duty and ambulances should be deputed at each plot besides equipping the plots with a dispensary. He also demanded the registration of these workers with the Social Security Institute and with Employees’ Old-Age Benefits Institution (EOBI), besides awarding them appointment letters, which was their constitutional right.