Video: The Wire Nest…life In Mumbai’s Shipbreaking Yards

The Wire Nest…life In Mumbai’s Shipbreaking Yards

Director: Prathamesh Rane (Vega Productions)

Abstract: “We all have heard of the Titanic, its love story, and how it laid to rest under the ocean. But for lesser ships there is a different grave waiting. One which is an obscure & lucrative business for a few known as Ship breaking, Countless numbers of used ships are sent to developing countries like China, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Turkey where they are systematically broken down by the cheap labor hired by these ship breakers.”

“‘The Wire Nest…Life In Mumbai’s Ship-Breaking Yards’ is a documentary on the condition of these workers, the majority who live in filthy and hazardous circumstances .This documentary specifically gives an insight on the conditions of the ship breaking workers in Mumbai the city which is the hub for many activities known and unknown. To build awareness and give an insight on the deteriorating conditions of the workers. And the shocking lack of human consideration given to them. Take note as this time we go even deeper into the graveyard taking a closer glimpse into the hardships and tragedies these workers face, doing their job while constantly being under real mortal danger.”

“The story of a family man, a lady who lost her family, a family who got compensation for their dead son, and the result of the workers strike for a fellow worker. A honest glimpse into the cogs that run the ship breaking industry.”