Ship Breaking and Recycling Industry in Bangladesh and Pakistan – World Bank Report (2010)


“The future demand for scrapping is not expected to fall to previous lows even if the global economy picks up. The study assessed the profitability (and hence competitiveness) of the industry in Bangladesh and Pakistan under the prevailing environmental and occupational health regulatory conditions. The estimates used in the analysis are based on reviews, updates, and assessments of previous economic, econometric, and financial studies, as well as on field interviews with a large number of stakeholders. The estimates are subject to some degree of uncertainty, given the nature of the industry and the historic lack of reliable data. This is due to the generation of a massive order book in the shipbuilding yards during the boom years, which will be completed in 2008-2012. Thus tonnage will be in excess of demand for at least 5-10 years to come. Already today, more ships are laid-up than for the past 20 years and unless global market conditions change dramatically, a significant part of this fleet will undoubtedly go directly for scrapping.”